Ioana and her team always have animals that need special care and can not stay in the shelter,  for example they are long term special needs and unsuitable to be rehomed, need operations or specialist care, or need transporting to a foster carer in the UK.

You can ensure that the hundreds of dogs and cats at our shelter get the care they need and deserve.

By sending a monthly gift and sponsoring a cat or a dog you will not only change their lives you will allow us to use our funds to improve the lives of other animals.

Spay a cat =£30.00-£50.00

Spay a dog =£40.00-£50.00

Feeds a wild dog for a month- £5.00




Supported nutrition for a sick- £20.00

24 hour care at the vets – £30.00

Buy a bag of dog/cat food -£15.00

Worm treatment -£10.00

Inoculations course- £40.00

Microchip an animal -£30.00

Prep an animal for transport -£100.00

Transport an animal to England -£200.00