Rescuing cats and dogs in romania

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Every Life Counts UK supports Every Life Counts rescue which is based in Romania , which is run by Ioana Marascu and a small team of dedicated helpers.

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Hello all we know that this is a big ask , Ioana and her small team work tirelessly saving cats and dogs lives in Romania where life is very hard if your an animal.

They have done this on a premises they rent and with no running water or electricity- in temperatures ranging from + 30 to – 30 a very hard thing to do.

The Government has now told them that they will be shut down without electricity and water, we would also like to secure their future and buy the land but need help to do it.

The team rescues sick and abandoned animals , neuters and feeds stray cats and dogs and cares for as many as they can at the rescue , all with a very small team. Animals rescued then are rehomed in the UK and across Europe- if you are interested in adopting please contact us.

Every penny helps to secure the rescues future and help the needy animals , any money we raise over this amount will help to build a cattery for the kittens.

We thank you in anticipation from the Uk team of supporters

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We are a rescue shelter based out in Romania, the team is lead by Ioana Marascu and her helpers.

We work to save many of the stray dogs and puppies that are homeless and on the streets of  Romania. Part of our work is going out several days a week to feed stray street dogs that have either been abandoned or packs of dogs that have had puppies and the dogs then grow up and form a pack. These dogs have no support, they have no human contact, they have no shelter or food, without our help these dogs would die. We also work with all of the dogs that are in our care at the shelter, feeding and cleaning their kennels and helping the dogs adjust from some of the trauma that they may have been through. The dogs come from into shelter for various reasons, sometimes we take dogs out of public shelters if they are on death row and we save them and try to find adopters. We also bring stray dogs into shelter and help them to adjust and ensure that the are fed and have a place of shelter. We often get told by various people about dogs that are injured and we always want to try to help any dog especially if it is injured, we always want to try to offer a dog a second chance at life, as we believe strongly that every life really does count.

We are strong believers in rescuing dogs that are being ill treated and we have rescued some of these dogs, our passion is helping dogs to live a good life by finding forever homes where these dogs will have a loving home and taken good care of.

Some of the dogs are sick or injured and we work to save the dogs, taking them back to our shelter and seeking medical intervention from our vetenary surgeon. Many dogs die out on the streets, because there is nothing for them to eat, they go to the wasteland where there is often toxic waste and eat whatever they can find to eat, often things that they should not eat and then can become very ill or die.

We also have lots of puppies come into the shelter as not many dogs are spayed or neutered, therefore there are many small puppies on the streets that need a safe place to live and grow, we take them into the shelter and health check them and feed them, once they are fully checked and had all the necessary tests they go up for adoption. Sometimes we are given older dogs that the owners no longer want, we are faced with trying to find them a forever home, we want to offer the dogs in our care the very best of help that we can, as Every life counts to us.

We as a team of rescuers care very much about these dogs, we take food out on the street to the dogs as often as we can, many of the dogs know the sound of our van and come running hoping to get some food, this food is often all the dogs will get that day or for a few days, they rely on this food to survive.

During the winter months we have made it our mission to try our best to continue feeding the strays as we knew that without our help these dogs would die, we went out in all weathers and took whatever food that we could spare from our stores. The winter is one of the worst times for stray dogs, we sadly often find dogs especially younger dogs or frail elderly or sick dogs die around this time as they are unable to cope and they freeze to death. The weather is often treacherous and it is very hard to get out in the van as the roads are very icy and dangerous, so when we are out we feed the dogs as much as we can as we know that they may not get any other food for days to come.

We vaccinate the dogs that we bring into shelter and we have them all microchipped and health passports are given after the vet has health checked each dog. Many of our dogs travel abroad after they are adopted and we pride ourselves in the work that we do to support these dogs.

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